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NO. 23



Page 2

"The moral and intellectual superiority of the white race will do the rest..." So, said Sir Caucasian! A recent book, "THE ICEMAN INHERITANCE" has a different concept of intellectual capacity among the races of the world - in cubic centimeters (CC) - Negro average cranial capacity of 1,350 CC, Caucasoid (white man) 1,400 CC, Mongoloid 1,570 CC.Amahosa "tribe" of Africa 1,490 CC, (well above white man), Buriats 1,496 CC, Iroquois 1,519 CC, Inuits 1,563 CC. Inuits heap smart. We Salute! O Man of the North. They're likely holding us Iroquois down so we don't get swelled headed. We owe thanks for the above figures to the book THE ICEMAN INHERITANCE page 44, by Michael Bradley.

What was that wise crack about "great light lit by Sir Caucasian's religion? The light is so bright it dazzled the Caucasians in general so they can't follow the Christian teachings anymore than the clergy. Sir Caucasian neglected to read his own history especially about the Crusades of the Dark Age (called it the Middle Ages so it won't seem so awful). The Island of Malta was the first to be hit for daring to defy the authority of Sir Caucasian's great religion. Wanted to operate their own brand of Christianity. The order to the Crusaders was "wipe them out!" That was the end of them. Their slayers became the Knights of Malta and decorated with a medal known as the Maltese Cross. The Saracens were hit next. They tried to negotiate. Asked the cruel Crusaders "Why are you killing us?" The answer came from the Duke of Bourbon's tent - 1096 A.D. "Because the Sonne of God, called Jesu Chryst...by their lyne and generacyon, was put to deth and cruccifyed, and also because the Saracens did not believe in baptism nor in the Vergyn Mary, Mother to Jesu Chryst."

"At this answer, the Saracens dyd nothinge but laugh and sayd that answere was nothinge reasonable, for it was the Jews that put Chryst to dethe and not they. Thus the siege still endured!" High class English used at that time. In two hundred years, the Crusaders scored an estimated total of over 300 million dead Saracen infidels, men, women and children. Not even the very old or babies were spared. Then followed six hundred years of terror for Christians. They were persecuted by their own Masters!...for heresy and witchcraft. It's alright boys and girls, the holy elect no longer believes in witchcraft. The darkest period of European history saw over 50 million unfaithful faithful burned to death at the stake by the Dominican Order. It was called the "Inquisition". Manifest Destiny.

If the "enlightened" Christians can treat their own people in this manner, how can the Indians expect to be treated better? We are told that in colonial times, the jails in Europe were emptied of the prisoners who were transported to America and turned loose on the Indians. Now, the nations of the world are complaining that the United States is an outlaw nation and a threat to all the rest of the world. If the nation began with jailbirds how can the rest of the world expect it to be a law abiding union. In turn, the United States says it's the savior of the world from communism and it's also the world's food basket. Got so much grain they have to dump it in the Pacific Ocean. The world's richest country they say. They also have untold multitudes of people living in the streets and starving to death. Instead of dumping the grain in the ocean ocean why don't they dump it in the streets and let the street people make their own bread and show that man can live by bread alone. Many of the white people in the richest country in the world are even in worse shape than the Indians. The manifest destiny for these multitudes is death by starvation and disease on the streets of America, food basket of the world.

Manifest Destiny has more than a few directions. The enthusiasts look not to the right nor to the left. One half forgotten item is people. Normal and offbeat. There's a movement on in the "superior" world where men are made into non-men and women into non-women. You see, white man can do anything. Part of Manifest Destiny is to make new creatures called "Gay". The word used to be a nice word. A gay person used to be a cheerful happy person. Now, a new gay person has been created. Man no longer loves woman. He now loves another man. Woman now hates man. Loves other woman. Fifty years ago, there weren't many of these new creatures, the vanguard of the flood to come. They were then called "queers". They tell us how dinosaurs, the biggest creatures that ever ruled the world for 75 million years, became extinct. Nothing great nor comparable to dinosaurs are the queers. They have one thing in common. They, as creatures stopped reproducing their own kind. Men seducing other men do not get babies. Neither do women seducing other women. The advent of queers in such tremendous numbers may presage the end of the human species. Can't blame nature. Man hasn't been very natural. If the nuclear bombers fail to destroy mankind, the queers may finish the job. That may be the real Manifest Destiny.