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Whenever and as often as necessary, a press conference should be held to acquaint the general public everywhere of the important developments among Indians so that any action by Indians shall be clear and understandable to all. Many friends and support groups were made that way.

The Warrior Society is a big entity in the life of an Indian Nation, just as the army is important to all other nations and the world. Not having an army is unthinkable to any nation. They would be speedily overcome. In any international dispute, no nation has a chance to prevail in the negotiations if it hasn't got defense and protection. It would be negotiating from a position of weakness. Likewise, Indian Nations shall find themselves, one of these days, engaged in a matter of life and death negotiations with white man's governments and if they have no bargaining power they're licked right from the start. They shall be forced to make concessions and back down on their demands. The government may even refuse to negotiate. They only negotiate when their peace is in danger. An Indian Nation with no Warrior Society presents no threat to the white man's peace. In the negotiations which shall arise when the survival dispute becomes hot, the Warrior Society is going to be the bargaining power. To have bargaining power, the negotiating nation shall not only have the power to make peace, which anyone can do, even the weakest since they can do nothing else, but the negotiating nations should also have the ability to destroy the peace of the opposition. That's bargaining power. How can the Warrior Society destroy the peace of any opposing nation no matter how powerful it may be? That's in the realm of strategy not open to discussion here. Nations negotiate to achieve peace. That's the way the world achieves peace. Negotiated peace. Temporary peace.

People tell us the only way to peace for Indians is through peaceful means. The Indians are urged to approach the peace-destroying white man with honey-dripping tones to talk to him and make him a better white man and his government a better government. Unknown to each other, all Indian groups have been doing this for the last 200 years. This is frustrating to the good folks who are doing it the Creator's way, the good way to achieve peace, justice and the good life. It should be so obvious to anyone with a grain of righteousness that peace through peaceful means is the good and only way. But it doesn't work. Why? Who has and enjoys any peace? We have seen that the meek, mild and humble people are the most trampled upon. They don't want to hurt anybody. They don't want any trouble. They are peaceful but do not have and enjoy any peace. They don't, cannot and shall not fight back against any injustice or oppression. What a sweet setup for bullies! These same bullies do not bully the strong and fighting people. They may get more that they can give. It's the strong who get any peace. The peace-destroying bullies are only peaceful when the strong are around. The world is that way. Only fear is respected. Fear inspired by the strong.

Indian nations without a Warrior Society are in a weak position. They are also fear ridden. People in fear are often very vocal and infect others with their fear. Fear is so infectious that there is a record of two Indian nations so fear ridden that they committed suicide after they killed off their young to evade the Spanish who slaughtered 12 million Native Americans in the first 20 years of their "crusade" in America. People in fear inspire no respect, only pity mixed with contempt. They are ripe for extinction for only those who struggle grow strong and achieve survival. Indians who do not have a Warrior Society do not struggle, decrease in number, die out and become extinct. Lessons of history. When an Indian nation reorganizes the Warrior Society, there is an immediate change. The nation immediately feels stronger. Hope for future survival is renewed. Their struggle is no longer weak. Their strength grows every day. It reflects in their spirit and speech. They become impressive. They soon inspire uncertainty in their oppressors. Then they inspire some fear and then respect. Hence, bargaining power. The Warrior Society works closely with the National Council of Rotiyaner and have much to negotiate for. The most important is to regain enough land to enable them to live by their own efforts, where they may exercise their own traditional government and society. for example, the land of Kahnawake and the Seigniory is not the extent of the Mohawk land. There are nine million acres in New York State and Vermont. It extends into the Province of Quebec from Canada/United States border up to and including Montreal. All Indians should work to regain whatever they can of their total areas. Indians should strive to achieve a state no less than a REPUBLIC as the term is defined in the white man's dictionary.