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NO. 13

MARCH, 1985


Page 2

This imposes a special responsibility on the Mohawks. They must protect and preserve this great heritage. They could be the vehicle by which other Iroquois nations could regain this beautiful language. They are presently speaking it in dialect form. However, some Mohawks are accepting dialectal expressions such as Hotenosaunee, a word used by Lewis H. Morgan in his book LEAGUE OF THE IROQUOIS as a sort of a title for the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. He lived for a year with the Senecas at Tonowanda while he wrote the book. Mr. Morgan's LEAGUE OF THE ARACHIS was hailed as a "classic" back in 1850. He used the broken Seneca dialect when he wrote Indian words in his book.

Modern day Indians reading LEAGUE OF THE IROQUOIS think "Hodenosaunee" must be the title of the Iroquois Confederacy. It says so right there in the book, doesn't it? It's such a nice looking word besides. Exotic. It even sounds good. What does it mean? It means the people of the Long House. The Senecas, having for a century or so broken up the original Iroquois language to its present dialect form, could not say Rotinonsonni to Mr. L.H. Morgan having lost the "R" sound. It came out Hotinonsonni. So Mr. Morgan wrote that tin his book. Of course, the joke's on the Indians. So, again we got a white man to make a decision for us. He decided what our title is. Actually, missionaries attended a grand council about 300 years ago. One of the questions they asked: "What did the Iroquois call their union of nations?" They said "Kanonsonnionwe". Which means "A house built for true people."

It was years after Mr. Lewis H. Morgan fathered the "hodenosaunee Confederacy" that linguists discovered that not all the Iroquois nations spoke broken dialects. In their study of the language, it came to light that Mohawks still spoke the original Iroquois language. The following are some titles and names of Iroquois countries:

Kanonsonnionwe meaning the Iroquois Confederacy or the Long House.
Rotinonsonni ("Hodenosaunee") meaning the people of the Long House.
Kanonsonnikeh: Territory of the Long House People, Iroquois country.
Kanonsesneh: at the Long House. The building itself. Kanonsonnikeha: ways, politics, laws, customs, etc. of the Long House.

Iroquois countries from east to west:

Ganienkeh: Mohawk territory. Land of the flint.
Onenyotekeh: Standing Rock country. Oneida territory.
Onondegeh: Onondaga territory. Center or Grand Council Fire of the Iroquois
Queyonkonhakeh: Cayuga territory.
Tionontowanekeh: Seneca territory.

Those Mohawks who admire the Senecas and the Onondagas so much they are imitating their speech, should be cautioned that they are helping to destroy the original Arachis language. They should aspire instead to instruct Indians to relearn the ancient and beautiful Iroquois language, fortunately still in existence. Indians have problems galore.

There are Indian meetings being held all over the American continent. The Indians all have the same concerns. They all wish to continue to live on and on as Indians. The white man plans that Indians shall continue to live as part of the white nation or race. Not at all a natural state of affairs. The white man has already legislated the black race as extinct in America. They are now legally white. This is not agreeable to many white people. But their intellectuals in their infallible wisdom have decreed that it's the solution to the "negro problem". They also have the same solution for the "Indian problem". What the paleface disregards is that it won't be long after mixing with the black race, their face won't be so pale any more. There are enough people in the black population to put an end to the white race. Mix white and black in equal amounts and what do you get, white?

The solution for Indians is to work towards regaining areas of land where they can have their own free, independent and sovereign territory account to no foreign nation or race but to Indian people only. The land will have to be big enough to grow enough food for all in the territory. Establish pollution free industries, cooperatives, private enterprises, recreation entertainment, the arts, etc. It can be done. From the looks of things in the Indian world, it will have to be done soon and by the Indians themselves. No one else is going to do it for them.