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NO. 23



A self-praising racial chauvinist by the name of Senator Thomas H. Benton, United States Senate, concocted the idea that God commanded the white race to invade and take possession of all lands not owned by the white race. After a few words of self-worship and patting himself on the back, Senator Benton submitted his famous and immortal thesis, excerpts of which are hereby presented:

"I know of no human event, past or to come, which promises a greater and more beneficent change upon earth than the arrival of the van of the Caucasian race...The Yellow race once the foremost of the human family in the arts of civilization, but torpid and stationary for thousands of years, far above the blacks, the Malay and above the American Indian but still far below the white and like all the rest must receive an impression from the superior whenever they come in contact. It would seem that the white race alone received the divine command to subdue and replenish the earth! For it is the only race that has obeyed it...the only one that hunts out new and distant lands and even a New World to subdue and replenish.... They arrived after many ages on the shores of the Atlantic which they lit up with light of science and religion and adorned with the useful and elegant arts. Three and a half centuries ago, this race, in obedience to the great command, arrived in the New World, and found new lands to subdue and replenish...The Red race has disappeared from the Atlantic coast; the tribes that resisted civilization met extinction. This is a cause of lamentation with many. For my part, I cannot murmur at what seems to be the effect of divine law...this Christian people replaced the savages..."

No doubt this is how it may have seemed to Senator Benton and his followers who believe in "Manifest Destiny" and believe that the advent of the Caucasians in America was a blessing and a great joy for the native inhabitants, who saw howling hordes of Christian killers, looters, plunderers and pillagers crossing the Atlantic to create a hell on Indian land. Since Senator Benton seems to be representing the white race in this matter, let's call him Sir Caucasian. He says that God commanded man - not a particular nor specific man - to subdue and replenish. Since God did not ever talk to anyone nor was ever seen by anyone then how was this command communicated to man? In the Bible's Ten Commandments which is called God's Commandments, it says "Thou shalt not kill" and "Thou shalt not steal", etc., etc. How can man subdue without killing and stealing? God to give such a command as Sir Caucasian's divine command would be contradicting himself. Sir Caucasian says only the white race obeyed the command. If God's commandments is in the Bible's Ten Commandments, then Sir Caucasian's divine command to subdue and replenish comes from another God, not the God of the Ten Commandments. What would his name be - Greed? We've been told that God didn't write the Bible but only told the writers what to write through inspiration. that's why it's called the Word of God. In brief, what they are telling us is that they put the words in God's mouth. Indeed, sir Caucasian puts the words in God's mouth when he says that God commanded the white man to kill the Indians and take over their land and all their possessions, which is what "subdue" means. Replenish the land? To this day, the Manifest Destinians are engaged in destroying the earth. They have turned our beloved Indian rivers into sewers, our air into poisonous gases, our precious land into cess pools of poisonous chemicals. Yes, they lit up our land with the light of scientific pollution. The replenished our land alright with scientific corruptions and deadly vapors. They have also polluted our minds with crooked and self destroying philosophies. For four hundred years the Manifest Destinians have waged a ruthless psychological warfare on the Indian race in America. It's as deadly as the one with guns. The casualties are the drunks, dope addicts, suicides and confused people dazed by identity conflicts. Under this kind of attack, the Indians get inferiority complex and get thinking the white man is what he says he is, the greatest. The Indians even get to believe the what man's unprovable beliefs such as hell, devils, etc. Yes, the Church had a white man arrested for asking if there was any proof that the devil and hell exist, during a sermon in Church. You see, they even replenish the minds of their own people with unprovables. There's a $500 fine for disturbing Sir Caucasian in the performance of the Mass, but it became possible to force the clergy to answer the question. They say they can't prove the existence of hell and the devil but we must believe whether we believe it or. It seems unreasonable to accept anything as being true if it cannot be proven to be so. The court room demands proof. It should be the same outside of the courtroom.

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