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For Indians to achieve Power, the best way was proposed by Deganawida when he founded the Iroquois Confederacy. He wanted all Indian nations in America to join, to be all equal in power and authority. In his absence to gather more nations, the Five Nations he left behind in a caretaker arrangement, decided because of his long absence that he wasn't coming back, took liberties with his Great Plan. Instead of giving equal status to hopeful nations joining the great confederacy, they made them into subject nations. It didn't work out and the represent day Six Nations Chiefs must surely realize that an empire of subject nations is for the birds. That is not the way to Peace, Righteousness and Power. Should Indian nations in America decide to be active participants in organizing a great confederacy of many Indian nations in the order of the Great Plan of Deganawida, there's no reason why such a plan cannot be organized. It will be necessary to appoint new Chiefs in the Six Nations replacing those who violated Wampum 58 of the Great Law which alienates from the Iroquois Confederacy anyone submitting to the law of a foreign people such as the Handsome Lake Code (code means a body of laws) which is the white man's Quaker Code the same being a white man's law. In the event that any of the interested Indian nations should have lost their own national ceremonies, rituals and customs, they could adopt the Six Nations ceremonies. We know that a lot of our ceremonies have already been adopted by various Indian peoples. Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. If it helps Indians regain their feet, it's no sacrifice at all.

Building a nation is the will of the people. The people decide who are the Chiefs and the Clan Mothers. The Chiefs and the Clan Mothers are the voice and will of the people. The Warrior Society is the power of the people in action. For Indian nations who are interested in helping to organize a huge confederacy of Indian nations in America, it would be a time for organizing their individual national governments. In the national council, according to the Great Law, the chiefs of the Clans are divided into three deliberating parties. If there are more than three clans in the nation, they shall have to double up or even triple up in any of the three parties. One of the three parties shall be the well keepers, that is, they'll get the issues to be deliberated. Their speaker shall announce the issue and send it over the fire - an actual council fire in the middle of the assembly. The second party shall deliberate and send back their decision to the first party. If the first party agrees to the decision of the second party, they shall so announce it to the open council and then send it to the third party, who shall also deliberate on the issue and come to their own decision. If it's the same as the decisions of the first and second parties, they shall so announce and the issue is passed and becomes law. If they disagree, the matter shall go back to the well keepers, that is, the first party, who shall then pass it over the fire again to the second for deliberation a second time. If their decision is the same as before and if the first party again agrees with the decision of the second party, the third party shall have to go along with the decisions of the first and second parties as they have a two-thirds majority. The third party in agreeing makes it a unanimous decision. This system makes it possible to pass many issues in one day and the Great Law advocates the system to the nations.

It becomes necessary for interested Indian nations to obtain copies of the Great Law, the world's first national constitution. By then, Wampums 74 to 77 shall have been repealed for those Wampums made protectorate nations instead of equal status nations. In the days when the Iroquois Confederacy waged wars, the men chose which of the War Chiefs shall lead the Iroquois Army into battle. Wampum 81. The War Chief has the disagreeable chore of deposing a Council Chief gone wrong and does so under the errant Chief's Clan Mother's directions. The War Chief says the words of deposition. It sometimes happens that the War Chief himself gets deposed and not by the Clan Mother, but his men or women relatives (people in his clan) alone or together (Wampum 39). Since it's so easy to be deposed the elected are careful to make no mistakes. Young women predict that in future struggles, young women shall take part in the fighting with guns. In the past women were helplessly shot down during raids as were babies and old people. This time, they'll shoot it out with guns. So, there'll be women in the Warrior Society in the future. The Warrior Society have many duties besides defending and protecting the people, such as keeping the peace, teaching, public speaking, negotiations, dealing with confrontations and any other emergencies. There will be exciting times ahead for Indians. It would be interested to hear what the other Indian nations feel about organizing a huge confederacy of Indian nations in America.