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The above slogan was proposed by the Founder of the Iroquois Confederacy and was accepted by the original Iroquois Nations. Peace, a life without strife, conflict or war is not possible without righteousness and power. It is not enough to be peaceful to achieve peace. There is a right and wrong way of doing things. Sometimes you have to be hard and tough to achieve peace. Your hard actions shall come under the category of "justifiable and morally right." Peace is not achieved by sitting tight and waiting for it. One has to struggle for it. People kneel down and pray like hell for peace and all they get is sore knees. God only helps those who helps themselves. So, get off those sore knees and fight for peace, thereby helping yourself.

Religion comes under the heading of righteousness. Every dictionary has its own definition of religion but are all agreed that it's a system of worship and belief. Each religion considers itself as the one true religion and all other religions are false. True is the opposite of false. The following words - belief, believe, faith, knowledge, knowing, are never checked out in the dictionary, especially in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Simple words and taken for granted. Who hasn't heard the expression, "I'll believe it when I see it"? When one sees it, it's no longer necessary to believe, because one then knows. It becomes knowledge, no longer a belief. To believe is to accept as a fact without knowing. To assume, to suppose, that is belief. The same people do not wait until they see to believe in such things as hell, devils, angels, purgatory, etc. They believe without seeing. The devil and hell have been believed in for the last 5,000 years without ever being seen. The Church once had the opportunity or bad luck to prove the existence of hell and the devil in a court of law and couldn't. They had a man arrested for asking the question in church during a sermon and it cost him a $500 fine to find out there's no proof that they exist.

It's no use asking the legislatures to make a law making it necessary for preachers to prove what they say. If a man cannot prove what he says then he is not telling the truth. If he is not telling the truth, then he is telling lies. All the confused worshipper can do is drop out and follow or make a religion where the preacher has to prove what he says.

A Jewish lawyer once told this unhumble scribe that the Jews survived 3,000 years of oppression and persecutions. How they did it was by their religion. He said that many Jews do not believe in their religion but support it any way with money and their presence when necessary. He said the Jewish religion is a national religion and therefore a force for unity and national survival. He advised that Indians should return to their national religions for the national religion means unity and national survival.

Christianity is an international religion and so cannot be a force for unity and national survival. In two world wars, Christians slaughtered each other, nine million killed in the first world war and 66 million in the second so one can see that Christianity cannot be a force for unity and national survival. When Constantine the Great, Roman Emperor, adopted Christianity, he changed it's name from the Church of the Apostles to the Roman Catholic Church. He put every one in the Roman Empire into the Catholic Church. They numbered between three to four thousand. Overnight, they became hundreds of millions. "Catholic" means universal for Constantine meant to conquer the world and almost did. Conquered all of Europe, Russia, Persia and the Middle East. Asia was next when he died untimely in 337 A.D.

Indians are members of many of the innumerable international Christian religions and should drop out and rejoin their own national religions because of their important force for unity and national survival. It's not necessary to believe in their national religion but to join it anyway. That's what the Jews did and they survived inhuman persecutions for thousands of years. The Handsome Lake followers should put aside that Quaker faith and rejoin their own national religion for the same important and logical reason.

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