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NO. 13

MARCH, 1985


There are so many pitfalls and traps for Indians that it's a wonder Indian people are still in existence. It is a duty of all who see the dangers in the way to give warning, more than ever before. Indians are being urged, cajoled, coaxed, wheedled and tricked into voting in white man's national elections. In syrupy tones of seduction, Indians are told "you will get a voice in the government". In Canada, seven million of the population exist at the poverty level. In the United States, it's fifty million. They have a voice in government. A fat lot of good it does them.

The words of seduction seem logical, a high point of political wisdom, seemingly the thing to do. Voting is such a simple thing to do, you merely inscribe an X on the ballot and put it in the box. Nothing to it. Elementary. What are the effects? During World War II, the United States entered the war after everybody else was tired. In the meantime, there was much unemployment. Young United States men entered Canada and joined the Canadian army and served overseas. Came to grips with the Nazi colossus. During the war, Canada held its national elections and granted the right to vote to the Americans in the ranks of the Canadian Army. Some did and some didn't. When the war ended and the army was demobilized, the Americans in the Canadian Army were released and returned to the United States of America. Those who had voted in the Canadian elections found themselves stuck at U.S. Immigration. They had become Canadian citizens and British subjects by that simple act of voting in Canada's elections. They had to wait three to five years like immigrants to regain their United States citizenship that they lost because they voted in Canada's elections. The Americans in the Canadian army who didn't vote in Canada's elections went back through United States Immigration without any trouble. They had remained Americans.

It is international law that when anyone votes in the national elections of a foreign nation, he renounces his citizenship in his own nation. He has joined another nation. The same thing happens to the Indians when they vote in white man's national elections. They renounce their own nation and join the white man's nation. It's also called assimilation. They become "naturalized" Canadians or Americans of Indian descent, no longer legally Indians but are now legally white people. No sense fighting for Indian rights any more. Must now fight for white man's rights. Try and get it! Ask the black men who are now supposed to have white man's rights as they are now full citizens. They are legally white people but are socially black people. It will be the same for Indians. In 1942, "Nazi Germany offered" the oppressed nations of Europe self-government with sovereignty". In 1985 Canada offers Indian nations self government without sovereignty.

It's easier for Indians to become extinct by joining the white people as there are less of them. In mixing with the white race in Canada or the United States, the blacks with millions of people in their population, can make the white race extinct. Isn't that ironic? White man wants to make the Indians extinct. The black man can make the white man extinct by simply mixing with the whites. It's the duty of the Indians to remain Indians, not to mix with other races. Indians complain about violations of their Indian rights and now some Indians talk about having the right to vote in white man's national elections, by which act they give up Indian rights. It's the road to extinction.

Another pitfall is the loss of the Indian language. In this instance, we'll have to talk about the Iroquois language, because it's our language. Can't talk about the Algonquin, Apache, Seminole, or any other Indian language as we don't know anything about them. Naturally, one is concerned mainly in his own language. In the study of the language of the Iroquois nations, linguists discovered that all the tongues had a common origin which they called the original Iroquois language. Most of the Iroquois nations had broken up the original language into dialects but lo! and behold! the original Iroquois language is not lost and gone. The Mohawks still speak the original Iroquois language. Some inner strength in Mohawks resisted the trend towards the extinction of the language. According to the linguists, the first sound to go when a language is breaking up is the "R" sound. It becomes an "L" and later that is also lost. Then words become chopped up and only half of the word is expressed as the language degenerates into a broken dialect. The Mohawk words retain the "R" and "L" sounds and the words are full and complete. According to the linguists, this is the proof that the Mohawk language is not a dialect. They also say it's one of the most beautiful of languages.

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