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The birth of man is an act of nature. Nature has produced several races of mankind. They all have the right to live. No one has the right to take another person's life - only in self defense. Nature even provided the instinct of self preservation so the person having been born shall defend and protect the life that was given to him.

Let's, therefore, introduce the first law of nature: SELF PRESERVATION. If anyone is trying to destroy you, STOP THEM! It's your duty.

Man also has another life. His national life. His nation also has the right to exist. The members of the nation are duty bound to protect and defend their nation. The world has nations of people. Everyone has the right to a nationality. Man is a social person and has the right to belong to his own society. It is hard to imagine anyone not belonging to a nation. A man's national life is as important as his physical life. (The Onkwehonwe is denied this right. The man from Europe wants him to join the white man's society. Calls it assimilation.)

Besides having the right to exist, the nation also has the right to an area of land for its territory where it may exercise its government, law, customs and society. No nation shall be so deprived it has to exist on a reservation. At this moment, July 24, 1979, only Ganienkeh, which is part of the traditional Mohawk Nation, practices its right to live in a territory. All other nations exist on reservations.

It is a deplorable state of affairs. There is a remedy for it. The situation was caused by people from Europe who somehow prevailed on the native Onkwehonwe to live on reservations while the Europeans developed the country. It was a great mistake for our ancestors to fall for the promises of the European that reservation life would be free from worry, fear, trouble, poverty and that reservation life would pass like a pleasant dream.

The natives of America never should have permitted the Europeans to get a foothold in Onkwehonwekeh. But they did and paid for it with their lives and liberty. It is now up to the present generations to make the best of it and to fight to regain areas of their land where they may live in freedom from the great white father. It can be done. There are ways and means. Many Onkwehonwe are too afraid to fight for their rights. They have been browbeaten to a state of hopelessness. They shall have to be inspired to stand on their hind legs and fight for their future and for the future of seven generations ahead. Again there are ways and means to turn the meek and humble into courageous and resolute people. Then, there are those who can fight and are ready to put their nation in its rightful place among the nations of mankind. They are the leaders of the present and the future.

To combat oppression, let's take the famous Jewish people as an example of success. For many ages they were a deprived people. They were hounded from pillar to post. Their leader came up with the Ten Commandments which he said was given to him by the Creator God. It was recommended as the way to go to paleface heaven. The results shall be achieved after one is dead. It's for the after life. Our problem is different.

We have to achieve a better life here on earth. While we're still living. To regain their Israel, Jewish people had to use a different strategy than the Ten Commandments. After more than 30 centuries of praying to Jehovah they finally got tired of waiting for him to do their thing. They changed their style. They grabbed the bull by the horns and asserted themselves. They up and grabbed a land base for themselves. They copied the European grab of the Red Man's land. Behold the meek and humble Jew suddenly turned tiger and even killed a lot of Arabs to set up Israel.

It's not the way prescribed by the Ten Commandments. But the Ten Commandments is a good idea. It stood the Jews in good stead down through the centuries. The following is a Warrior's Ten Commandments for which the writer did not go up a mountain to get them from the Lord as the white man says his ancestor, Moses did, but they were conceived in the mountains of Ganienkeh Territory in the howling wilderness at fifty below zero temperature. The writer lays no claim to be a prophet and divinely inspired nor claims that these Ganienkeh commandments shall lead to any paradise in the after-life. They were designed to meet the problems on earth and uncover the secrets of peace and happiness in this earthly life. Certain Mohawks, oriented to think like their masters, shall not accept these, my...

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