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The white man says Indians came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait. If they were Indians maybe, an Indian being a native of India. The particular Indian we're talking about is the Onkwehonwe - you know, the Native American.

They say the red man crossed over from Asia on a "land bridge" or stepping islands (like stepping stones). Our mighty ancestors took mighty strides. The master story-tellers say the time of this migration was 12,000 years ago. Since it's a scientific estimation, therefore, it's impressive. They came to this conclusion by "reading the rocks". Now, you guys, you wanna watch out and avoid rocks. They can betray your passage even if you passed 12,000 years ago. The scientists can even detect, if slightly, your ancient fragrance that you left behind as you passed the rocks.

Another set of scientists, after much reading and smelling of the rocks, said that many moons ago, there was an Ice Age that lasted about one million years and it covered the North American continent with a sheet of ice four miles high half way down to Mexico from the Canadian border.

They estimated that the ice receded 10,000 years ago. If that's so, then simple arithmetic tells us that the Ice Age had 2,000 years to go when the scientists say our ancestors crossed the Arctic waste and ice bound Canada over ice four miles thick. Let us envision the ancestors coming over in the rarified air, four miles high and refrigerated atmosphere at least 100 below zero, in thermal suits and space helmets with bottles of oxygen strapped to their backs. It was a tremendous trip of thousands of miles.

Scientists are resourceful fellows. The first bunch decided to stick to their guns regarding the 12,000 year estimate. They took a leaf from the Holy Scriptures where Moses, with his magic wand, struck the Red Sea which, thereupon, parted and allowed the Israelites to walk through after which the sea returned and swallowed the Egyptian army pursuing the Israelite refugees. The Egyptians protest the story saying there's nothing in their history about such an event. The scientists disregard that and have the leader of the future Indians in possession of an equally magical wand which parted the ice and allowed the wanderers through. The scientists don't say it in quite that way, but they revised the ice picture and have an ice free alley through which they have our ancestors walking out the Bering Strait theory. We, too, protest. There's nothing in our history about such an event.

As far as we're concerned, our ancestors made their debut into this valley of happiness right here on this land of Onkwehonwekeh (America) just as the white man originated in southern Europe, the blacks in Africa and the Asiatics in Asia. The Bering Strait theory is a tongue-in-cheek propaganda to make the Onkwehonwe think that they, also, are aliens in their own land and that they, the Europeans, have just as much right to be in America. The scientists are trying to justify in the white people's minds their presence on Red Man's land.

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