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From the Red Man to the World


by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall

Page 4

The braintrust is leaving to the less gifted, brain wise, to do this important enterprise. That happened before and the present Bible is the unhappy result. As it happened before, we who are less educated and less brainy are struck with this thankless job of giving a new and improved Bible to a thankless world. There will be a great deal of objections and criticisms. In the past, did ever the educated in low degree care for objections or criticisms? If the brainy and the highly educated wanted a brilliant and sparkling new Bible, they would have pushed their best to the front to do the job. Since they do not seem to be interested, then the less than the best is hereby indicated. If that's what they want that is what they'll get!

The great religions of the world are belief systems. They are not knowledge systems. Down through the centuries, they've been slaughtering each other by the millions because of their beliefs. Knowledge could have saved the slaughtered. How? Here is an example of how an innocent man was executed because the judge and jury believed he was guilty. The man protested his innocence right to the scaffold. A month after his death, another man got caught in the act of murder. Knowing they can only hang him once, he boasted about other murders including the case where another man had already been executed. The Judge and jury believed he was guilty. They did not know. It is one of the reasons the death penalty was abolished in Canada. Too many wrong necks got stretched. Belief can get you hanged. Knowledge can save you. A hint to the wise ought to be sufficient. The belief systems of great religions should change over to the knowledge system.

While on the subject of religion, let's take a look at the Jews. They have the experience behind them of 3,000 years of persecutions and oppression. The Jewish religion had the same experience as other religions. The overzealous promoters picked up rituals and ceremonies as they went along until it took all day to go through them all. From sunrise to sunset. Some rebelled and cut back on a lot of ceremonies and called themselves "Reformed Jews".

It seems that the reformed Jews did not reform enough for another revolt occurred and a new Jewish religion evolved with less ceremonies and shorter sermons and called themselves Modern Jews. They decided that God could not be so strict and tyrannical as to require an all day worship to be satisfied. So they reduced the time of worship to an hour on the Sabbath. We haven't heard of any complaints from the Most High. Even the Roman Catholic Church revised their services a bit, shorter Masses and sermons as a result of the 2nd Ecumenical Council in the '60s, in response to the complaints of bored church-goers.

The Jews have the answer to the problem of uniting the religious people and those who have no use for religion. This solution enabled them to survive inhuman persecutions for 3,000 years. A large proportion of the Jews have no use for religion, any kind of religion, but who are members of the Jewish religion, support it with money and their presence when needed because a national religion is a force for unity and national survival. A Jewish lawyer advised that Indians who no longer believe in their own national religion should return to it and rejoin it for the same reason: UNITY AND NATIONAL SURVIVAL. It worked for the Jews and it should work for the Indians and other dispossessed and disunited people. Indians who are members of white man's international religions should drop out anyway as the beliefs in hell, devils, purgatory, etc., are unprovable and therefore do not exist. Indians should do as the Jews do, support their own national religion in whatever way they can even if they don't believe in it anymore since it means national survival. For those who would miss the ceremonies of international religions, the Indians have the best religious ceremonies of all, the Sacred Dances, in which everyone participates. At white man's religious services, people complain they don't get a chance to participate. The priest does it all. In the days before Christianity, the Dance was one of the forms and expressions of worship.

The student of Iroquois culture is told that the Sacred Dances are the Iroquois way of showing joy and gladness for the gifts of nature, the Maple, first fruits of the season, first garden products, green corn, harvest and the New Year. These natural gifts are taken for granted by white folks and folks of other races. The Iroquois set days aside for thanksgiving Festivals when they give thanks for these gifts from the Creator. In the Great Feather Dance also known as the Creator's Dance, the dancers leave a space in the line of dancers for the Great Spirit to join in and have a good time Himself. Isn't that showing more love and affection for the Creator than the white man's sorry system of killing the Creator on the alter, eating his flesh (symbolically) and drinking his blood? Instead of getting killed, the Creator can even stretch out his legs a little and join the Indians in the dance of praise to Himself! The Indian religion must surely be the best!

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