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From the Red Man to the World


by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall

Page 3

According to the dictionary, the "Bible" is: 1. The sacred book of Christianity; Old Testament and New Testament, 2. The sacred book of Judaism; Old Testament. 3. The sacred writings of any religion. 4. Any book regarded as authoritative.

"Authoritative" is: 1. Asserting authority; dictatorial. 2. Having authority; official. 3. Based on competent authority; reliable.

Since the Bible is regarded as sacred and holy, which means it is consecrated to God, then it had better contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the real truth. Any authority man is expected to follow or swallow (food or drink) shall have to be pure, without any taint of impurity or falseness. Such are the rights of mankind. Women are included in these rights - sorry, ladies! As a competent authority the Bible disqualifies itself and falls far short of the mark of truthfulness and purity since it cannot prove what it says. The Bible then, as it is, is obsolete and no longer relevant if it ever was. A new standard must be unfolded and revealed.

What is the oldest problem in creation? The most far reaching invention by mankind and considered to be the most important is religion. More people in history have been slaughtered because of and for religion than for any other cause. It is the most controversial subject ever invented by men. More enemies have been made because of it. Countries and even continents have been invaded, pillaged, looted and the inhabitants forced into religions favored by the plunderers. No other force on earth has ever been more feared, loved and hated than religion. What is this super force called religion? Reduced by the dictionary to its basics, religion is a system of worship and belief. It does not define it as a system of worship and knowledge. Belief is not knowledge. Some religions became big businesses and very rich after convincing their followers that hell, devils, purgatory, etc. are real and true. They took money under false pretenses since they cannot prove that these places and the devil do exist.

There was even a court case about it right here in the province of Quebec. A young man had been arrested for interrupting a sermon by a priest during Mass on a Sunday morning. He had to hire a lawyer and go to court where he was fined $500 and costs for disrupting the performance of the Mass. The lawyer advised him to appeal the case and not to worry about the cost as a number of people had become interested in the case and had gotten together to pay the cost. They wanted to now if the devil and hell were real. The case went to the appeal court wherein the clergy could not prove the existence of hell and the devil. The law was followed and the young man find $500 and cost and then the judge cautioned the clergy: "The law protects you now, but the law can be changed if there's enough pressure from the general public, so I must caution you, the clergy, that when you're preaching not to say anything you cannot prove." Especially since it costs so much to find out that the priest cannot prove what he preaches. The man asked a reasonable question: "Is there any evidence to prove that hell and the devil exist?" But what a costly answer!

It resulted in the closing of many churches because of non-attendance. Windows boarded over and doors locked. The people stopped being afraid of the devil and hell, felt that they had been deceived and so stopped going to church. After accepting the beliefs of various churches for so many centuries, some of the people may feel lost for not having any more false beliefs to worship. A new and reasonable Bible must be written! The best brains in the world are hereby begged and entreated to come forward and put their superior attainments to work on this most important duty of mankind, securing the full rights and happiness of every human on earth. Such is the power of a properly written Bible. There is no great rush on the part of the best brains in the world to write a new and much needed true to reality Bible. There is a problem about hiring the best brain in the world to write an important work. He may use such long $100 words as to make it necessary for us to hire seven Philadelphia lawyers to give us the correct interpretation. The kind of best brains needed are the ones who also attended the school on journalism where they teach the students how to write so any ordinary Joe in the street can read it without needed a lawyers interpretation. You don't see anyone reading a newspaper with a dictionary on the side ready for hard to understand words. Writers of newspapers went to a school on journalism. The new Bible should not need interpretation or interpreters as that would place us at the mercy of the interpreter; the present Bible is a case in point. The clergy tell us we need them to explain the meanings in the Bible. A reasonable Bible should not require interpretation.

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