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From the Red Man to the World


by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall

Page 2

The Confessional was introduced to the Roman Catholic Church in 1216 A.D. by Pope Innocent III at the same time as the Holy Inquisition to suppress heresy and witchcraft. The two new sacraments came in the same package and designed to work together. The heresy was centered around the city of Abli in France and Christianity's high command decided that the best way to decide who were heretics was to make them confess and to make it compulsory. So on every first Friday of the month all Christians (there were no Protestants then) were compelled to go to confession and tell the confessors all their sins. The priest in the confessional is called the confessor and the victims who had to admit their sins were also called confessors. The sinners and the forgivers of sins were both confessors! Witches and heretics were burned at the stake. Now the church no longer believes in witches after burning millions of them.

They also burned people who did not believe in witches. That made them heretics because the Church believed in witches at that time. If you don't believe in what the Church believes it makes you a heretic. So, in those days, it didn't make any difference if you believed in witches or if you didn't. You got burned to death just the same. The "holy birthplace of civilization" became more savage than the most savage on earth.

The clergy claim to get their authority to hear confessions in the words of Jesus in the Gospel: "Whose sins you shall forgive on earth shall be forgiven in Heaven." Jesus had been gone 1,200 years when the Church decided to mind his words. Why did the Church wait 1,200 years before putting the words of Jesus into practice and forgive the sinners on earth? This brings to mind the suspicions of many scholars that words and expressions have been added to the Bible to support new doctrines. They say that the Church had sole custody of the Bible for 1,400 years and had ample opportunity to doctor the doctrines. The suspicion is that Jesus did not say those words. Had he done so, the confessional system would have begun in his life time, not 1,200 years later. The unbelievers think that the believers only go to confession because they've been led to believe that's what Jesus wants them to do, even if the confessional is a violation of the rights of the people to their own privacy and not to be forced to tell a priest or anybody else what they've been doing. During the Albigensian heresy, Church authorities were anxious to suppress the said heresy and so chose to violate the people's privacy every first Friday of the month at which time they were made to tell the priest what they've been doing and had to answer questions on religious dogma. Not an easy thing to do as the schools had been closed since the year 400 A.D. and precious few could read or write. The Dark Age was still rampant and one wrong word and the confessor was not going to get home that day. The priest in the confessional gave the signal to the soldier Friars of the Dominican Order (or disorder) to take the unfortunate confessor to the stake and be burned to death. The long lines of confessors may be excused if they were shaking with fear with waiting for their turn. A bit of education would have saved a lot of them. The people of Spain had to put up with this for 600 long shaking years. Other European countries had the same experience for at least 400 years. Emperor Napoleon III of France had to invade Spain in 1830 to put the final finish to the Inquisition. Jesus is supposed to have inspired all this slaughter estimated at 50 millions of people. After the 100 years of religious wars ended in the 17th century the Inquisition was officially stopped by secular authorities. Having stopped the burnings at the stake, they should also have stopped the confessionals for they no longer served their original purpose to burn people at the stake. Not many folks had any education in those days so it was easy to say the wrong word.

Johann Gutenberg arrived too suddenly on the scene with his printing press. The first use he made with his invention was to print the Bible. The ecclesiastics did not think the Good Book would be available to every tom, dick and harry so fast and so soon. Though they had custody of the Bible for 1,400 years, they hadn't taken the time to repair the blunders in the Good Book such as "Joshua raised his hand and stopped the Sun..." in reference to the battle his army was winning against the enemy but as the Sun was about to set and Joshua was afraid the enemy would get away and reform themselves during the night and do better the next day and may even defeat his army. But to stop the night from coming on, you don't stop the sun. You have to stop the earth which revolves on its own axis once every day which is how we get night and day. According to the white man's Bible, God doesn't know how the solar system works which He created. The "Word of God", that is, the Bible, makes other mistakes because the scientific ignorance, which as "One of the stars detached itself from the sky and hovered over the little stable in Bethlehem where little Jesus lay in the manger..." Scientists have evidence that those little stars are millions of times bigger than the earth and if one of them was to hover over the stable of Bethlehem, its heat which is in the millions of degrees, would put an end to the stable and little Jesus, indeed the whole earth would burst into flames. The writers of the Good Book thought the world was flat. "The devil took Jesus up to highest mountain where they could see all the kingdoms of the world" which being round, the other side of it cannot be seen, no matter how high the mountain. The writers of the Bible claim to have been inspired by God but they couldn't have been even lightly inspired to write such bloopers as being the "Word of God". The preachers in these days and age who say the Bible is the Word of God should kneel down and beg His forgiveness.

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