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Louis Hall This website is dedicated to the memory and preservation of the work done by my uncle, Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.

My uncle devoted his life to the strength, unity and survival of Native people. His messages, both through his artwork and his writings, were powerful and are known across America and Europe.

In December of 1993, my uncle, great modern-day Mohawk warrior, statesman, artist, writer, mentor and spokesman, died.

His life may have ended, but may his life's work and messages live on through this website. May those who remember him, be reminded of his words and art. May those who never knew him, get a glimpse of his greatness. May everyone who visits this website realize that his messages must never be silenced because the very existence of Native people - ALL NATIVE PEOPLE - depends on it!!!!



This beautiful 8x10 softcover 24-page book contains 40 color pictures of Louis Hallís artwork along with three photographs of the man himself. Order comes with a six-page index that provides the words on some of the paintings. COST: $24.99 + POSTAGE AND HANDLING ($4.50) PLACE YOUR ORDER THROUGH PAY-PAL TODAY AND GET YOUR COPY WITHIN 7-10 DAYS!

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